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WHO are we?

ROA Custom Woodwork is a family-owned, manufacturing company focused on creating pieces with a high sense of aesthetics and functionality, custom-made in the USA with the highest quality standards.

Our pieces are the result of combining exclusive designs along with high quality materials, managing to satisfy the most demanding styles.

“We are convinced that special and luxurious spaces can be achieved only when the highest quality pieces are used and adapted to the functionality and comfort required by each person and project”.

What can you find in ROA?

ROA is a manufacturing company focused on creating luxury pieces of Woodwork, Millwork and Upholstery. Our pieces are completely custom-made in the USA with the highest quality standards.

Within our expansive facility spanning over 60 feet, we house various departments vital for the realization of each of our projects. As woodwork, upholstery, stone, painting, metal and more.



ROA Custom Woodwork is a family-owned company offering bespoke high-end Woodwork, Millwork and Upholstery for residential, marine and commercial projects.

Founded in 2007, ROA Custom Woodwork is the result of 3 generations of master carpenters and upholsterers. Since the beginning, ROA founders have been immersed in the furniture manufacturing environment. Growing up professionally in this industry has developed high knowledge, talent and passion for woodwork and upholstery specifically, along with the time in business which has allowed the acquisition of skills to produce the highest quality and differentiated pieces.

Handcrafted products are what predominates at ROA. By using this technique, taking care of every detail throughout the production process has been possible and gives extra value to each piece. The three key elements that have always made ROA stand out from others are: customization of pieces, high-end materials and excellent customer service.

With the most recent development in architecture and interior design, ROA has had the opportunity to be at the vanguard and serve complete residential projects, from design to installation.

"We transform your dreams into reality"

Roa Custom Woodwork

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