Handmade Built-ins for the Modern Homes


Built-ins are a very special type of furniture. They could be considered the opposite of free-standing furniture. The main characteristic of built-in furniture is that it allows the creation of a smooth transition between spaces that makes your home feel fresh and elegant. This type of furniture looks like a part of the house itself by beautifully blending in for an overall minimalist appearance.

At ROA Woodwork we are specialists in custom work, that’s why creating built-ins or any type of cabinetry can be done easily and achieve amazing results.

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Bookshelves can create a completely different environment in a home. This piece is perfect for books, art, sculptures and personal decorative items. Along with the appropriated design, bookshelves can represent an inspiring and at the same time sophisticated space.

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A piece like this one brings a luxury touch to your home. Offering the perfect space to share special moments and celebrations. In this area we love to maintain a balance between elegance and creativity. Are you ready to organize your wine collection?

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This is the ideal space to enjoy and share your first coffee every morning! Without a doubt a coffee station will differentiate your home in an authentic way.

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