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The dining room is the main piece of a home when it comes to sharing. It is the area where we share food and experiences, it is a special place where we interact with our closest family and friends. We all like to have a beautiful dining space that leaves a beautiful impression on the memory of those who visit us.
At ROA we strive to know the particular style of each client in order to create the ideal dining space for each one. It does not matter if your requirement is a cozy dining room for 4 people, or a large luxurious table to receive more than 10 guests, we can manufacture the perfect pieces for you.
From solid woods to imported laminates, Stone, glass and metallic elements, at ROA we offer a wide variety of alternatives and combinations of materials to please the style of each client, obtaining the ideal tables and chairs for each project.


Looking for custom dinning rooms design ideas? We are here to help you!

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